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Welcome to Bio-Fuels  
links Biofuels are renewable energy sources based upon chemicals and organisms such as wood and plant matter, algae, and numerous animal fats.  The benefits of biofuels over fossil fuels cannot be overstated due to two critical facts: first, biofuels are renewable and second, the carbon life cycle of biofuels is at or near zero.  This is due to the fact that as plants and animals grow they ingest Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis.  To make biofuels, Carbon Dioxide is extracted from the plants and animals in the form of sugars, starches and tallows.  When the biofuels are burned, Carbon Dioxide and other emissions are released and returned to the atmosphere where the next batch of organisms reuses the Carbon Dioxide.  This carbon life cycle does not increase the net CO2 in the atmosphere.
The concept of biofuels is not a new one.  The original diesel engine was designed to run on plant oils and the original Model T Ford ran on both fossil fuel (petrol) and biofuel (ethanol). ProGreen Biofuels Pty Ltd and Green Power Solutions Pty Ltd are major sponsors of biofuels.com.au providing answers to all your biofuel queries.
  For more specific product and service details please visit progreen.com.au for biofuels and greenpowersolutions.com.au for biodiesel generators.
ProGreen Biofuels provides Australia’s cleanest premium biodiesel.
With a network of distribution and storage facilities; ProGreen’s premium biodiesel has never been easier to source. With Australian wide delivery & storage services you can feel confident that a change to ProGreen’s biodiesel will improve your environmental exposure. With a guaranteed supply, ProGreen’s premium biodiesel is ready when and where you need it.
Green Power Solutions (GPS) provides Australia’s cleanest & quietest biodiesel generators running on 100% biodiesel. GPS fleet of premium quality biodiesel generators accompanied with a national network of biodiesel distribution hubs provides a Carbon Neutral Energy solution Australia wide. From compact trailer mounted units to larger Mico-bio Power Stations, GPS has an environmentally cleaner solution for all your mobile and semi-permanent electricity needs.
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